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Printing & Editing Services


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Photo & Poster Printing


Our Large Format Poster printing service allows you to take your favourite digital image and turn it into a wall poster or large size print up to a size of 24” by any length.

With a choice of 4 paper types from Matt Coated Paper, Satin, Pearl & Glossy you have a finish to suit your picture.

Posters for shops and walls are typically on Matt Coated paper and photos and similar quality images are in Satin, Pearl or Glossy.

Prints are taken from your own Digital Image and can be supplied to us on a disk, usb stick or via Dropbox and Google Drive – we can provide a link to our Dropbox / Googledrive and you simply pop your picture into it.

We aim to offer a rapid two hour service regardless of size or paper choices*
We can cater for custom sizes or typical photo sizes / frame sizes. Please bear in mind that your picture may have to be resized or cropped to fit standard print sizes. A proof print will be provided for you to see then end result.

The 12 Colour Pigment Inks Cyan, Photo Cyan, Magenta, Photo Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Photo Black, Matte Black, Gray and Photo Gray provide dynamic colours across the spectrum – your pictures will look stunning!

80 years colour fastness under glass and up to 200 years in dark storage your prints will remain true and stable for a lifetime.

This is a new service and is a natural extension to our business, complementing our video and cine film services.

Small Format Photo Printing

Alongside our Large Format printing you can also get photos printed from 6 x 4 to just about any size you like. We can print to all the main photo sizes and even create a print based on your own dimensions.

You have a choice of Satin or Glossy Paper with our standard photo print services up to sizes A3 – which is 297 x 420 in mm or 11.7 x 16.5 in inches. For A1 and A2 posters see tab above.

Your existing picture can be cropped (sized) to fit a particular photo frame size which is useful for smart phone pictures, which often do not conform to traditional print sizes.

Your pictures can often be printed while you wait but larger pictures should have a slightly longer drying time, especially for Glossy Prints.


Building Plans etc. A1 ~ Black: £1.75, Line Colour: £2.75, Colour Blocks: £3.50

6 x 4 Glossy or Satin: 40p
7 x 5 Glossy or Satin: 45p
A4 Photo Print Glossy or Satin: 2.55
A3 Photo Print Glossy or Satin: 4.00

20 x 16 Print Glossy or Satin: 6.00
24 x 16 Print Glossy or Satin: 6.50
24 x 20 Print Glossy or Satin: 6.99
20 x 30 Print Glossy Or Satin: 7.95

12 x 12 Print Glossy Or Satin: 3.95
16 x 16 Print Glossy Or Satin: 4.95
20 x 20 Print Glossy Or Satin: 6.99
24 x 24 Print Glossy or Satin: 8.25

24 x 16 ~ See A2 Posters
24 x 36 ~ See A1 Posters

Most small portrait pictures of people are printed on Glossy paper. Pictures of buildings, landscapes etc are usually printed on Satin / Pearl Paper.

Posters etc. can be posted in Tubes for £4.99 each.

Poster And Wall Art Printing Costs

120 Gsm Matt Coated Paper (Budget Posters)
A1 Poster ~ 23.4 x 33.1 In (594 x 841mm) £4.00
A2 Poster ~ 16.5 x 23.4 In (420 x 594mm) £3.00

230 Gsm Matt Coated Paper ( Heavyweight Matt Paper)
A1 Poster ~ 23.4 x 33.1 In (594 x 841mm) £5.00
A2 Poster ~ 16.5 x 23.4 In (420 x 594 mm) £4.00

200 Gsm Photo Paper – Satin
A1 Poster ~ 23.4 x 33.1 In (594 x 841mm) £8.99
A2 Poster ~ 16.5 x 23.4 In (420 x 594mm) £7.99

260 Gsm Photo Paper – Satin
A1 Poster ~ 23.4 x 33.1 In (594 x 841mm) £9.99
A2 Poster ~ 16.5 x 23.4 In (420 x 594mm) £8.99

File Uploader


Due to limitations on sending large files by email we have provided this quick and easy way for you to send your pictures to us for Photo Printing.

Before you use the service please be sure to call us so that we are ready to receive the files.

Click on the File Upload Button and send us your digital image. Once we have received them we shall contact you for further information, such as size, type of paper, personal collection or Postal Delivery – from £4.99 for an A1 Poster.

Once you click on the Icon below you will be taken to a web browser page where you can select files from your computer. You can select multiple files from within the same folder. It is important that you include your name and email address in the boxes provided, so that we can identify your images.

If you have any problems please let us know. We can, if necessary, send you a link to our online folder if you experience difficulties.

*Our two hour option is available 90% of the time.

Photo Editing Service


Your photos, slides and negatives get free before scan treatment to remove any surface dust etc that may be present. As part of the scan, and at no extra cost, your images are corrected for colour, brightness and contrast.

Examples of this can be seen here.

Should you need some extra work on any image we can offer Photoshop Picture Editing the cost of which Depends on the degree of work to be carried out. Simpler jobs such as removing small blemishes and scratches run to a few pence per image. Large scale picture restoration, including the repair of torn photographs will be quoted on a one to one basis.

As we retain your original image for at least six months you can call us and request any additional work without having to bring in the original slide, negative or photograph.

Examples of some of the simpler work can be seen here.

Enlargements & Image Printing

Should you wish to have your pictures printed out we offer professional printing services. From an A1 Poster Print of your picture to a small 6X4 reproduction your image can be printed on Satin or Glossy Paper. We also offer coated and plain paper and more information can be found on our Print Services Page


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