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Video Transfer Services


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Video transfer VHS, VHS-C, Video8 (8mm) & Mini DV


Why not take advantage of our new service and transfer your old videos onto modern DVD disks. We offer a rapid turnaround and free additional features. All tapes tend to deteriorate with age so why not protect those Wedding, Christening, Holiday, School and Family videos into modern DVDs, which will play on computers and DVD players.

A second disk is required for videos over one and a half hours long to maintain quality. There is no additional charge for extra disks due to the length of the video itself. As a general rule 8mm (Video8/Digital8) and Mini-DV tapes capture a lot more video that older VHS tapes. Therefore, in order to preserve the original footage as much as possible we do not reduce the quality of a video to fit onto a single DVD. We maintain the quality and use 8GB Video Disks to hold the video data as opposed to 4.7GB DVDs. Typically an hour of video will fit onto a single DVD. However, a lot of tapes are between one and two hours long, with a few being more than three hours or so. In these cases, we supply one disks to cover a full one and a half hours at high quality and extra disks as required – again in high quality. More on quality details here. Your VHS, 8mm, Hi8, and Mini-DV videos are not sent away we do the whole production in-house. Please note that very old VHS tapes or those badly stored can be subject to condensation, tape deterioration and wear. The quality of the final product will depend on the quality of the original. Betamax Tapes can now be converted as well (we have to send these away though) £19.99.

Free Video Features Include:

  • Removal of commercial TV from the tape (BBC programmes for example).
  • A chapter every 5 minutes.
  • Front End Menu.
  • Free Printed Presentation Case with a still image from the video.
  • Free printed DVD with a still image from the video.

New Digital Service

In addition to DVDs we can provide a Digital Version of your video tape. The digital version can be viewed on any computer or laptop – but also on a Smart TV system which has a USB playing port. The video is copied to a USB stick and then you plug it into your computer and run the video as you would normally.

On Smart TV systems the majority detect the USB stick and come up with a menu of options to open it. There is usually an option for video. Each TV is different, and you should consult the instructions or onscreen menu. The digital video comes on the USB stick only and has no Chapters facility, but you can fast forward etc.

A Digital version can be requested up to 30 days following your original transfer, as we keep the copied film for that time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Video To DVD Transfer Prices

Video To DVD OR *USB Digital: £14.95
Video To DVD AND *USB Digital: £18.45 (Plus USB Stick*)
Copies In Plastic Sleeve- DVD Only: £2.50
Copies In Presentation Case – DVD Only: £3.50

*USB Stick: £5.99

(DVD Versions Include Printed DVD, Case and Chapters Every 5 Minutes)

Quantity Discounts

2-3 units: 5%
4-6 units: 10%
7-9 units: 15%
10-19 units: 20%
20+ units: 25%

Additional Information

Smartphone Video Transfer: £14.95

Videos under 10 minutes long: £6.75

The charges are per tape. You can get multiple Video Films onto a USB stick, but generally just one per DVD.
Digital Versions will play on all computers and laptops as well as modern Smart TV Systems.

Cine Film


Watch those precious Super 8 and Regular 8 Cine Films all over again with our Cine Film to DVD / Digital File transfer service.

Our new Frame-by-Frame Scanner captures and photographs each individual frame of the original cine film as a separate picture. Bearing in mind that Cine Film ran at between 17 and 24 frames per second that means around 4,500 frames, or individual pictures are taken on a small 3” Reel.

Our sophisticated software then stitches the pictures together to make a video from the original. There is no flicker and no hotspots and the picture is tightly framed for the best viewing.

Every film is cleaned by hand as part of the service, which removes dust, dirt, debris, mould and other surface deposits which can build up over time. This makes for a clean and brighter transfer.

The extra benefit of this cleaning is that the original film is returned to you clean and lubricated to protect it in the future.

Your cine film can be transferred to DVD or as a Digital File on a USB stick for watching on Smart TV systems.

Just like our Video to DVD service your cine films will be individually placed into Printed Presentation Cases, have Chapters every few minutes and the DVD itself is printed with an image for the Cine Film.

Cine Film Transfer Pricing

  • 3″ REEL (50 FT): £9.99
  • 5″ REEL ( 200 FT): £23.95
  • 7″ REEL (400FT): £29.50


  • Free splicing of broken cine film
  • Free dust removal
  • Frame By Frame Scanning (Not Projector to wall or mirror telecine)
  • Supplied in Printed DVD presentation case
  • Printed DVD with Chapters and Opening Menu
  • Free Cleaning and Lubricating Of Your Cine Films.


  • 2-3 REELS: 5%
  • 4-6 REELS: 10%
  • 7-9 REELS: 15%
  • 10+ REELS: 20%


Video Transfer Quality


Maintaining the quality of the original video is a key consideration when transferring video to a DVD disk. A DL DVD disk can only hold about 90 minutes of high quality video.

If you want to get more than 90 minutes a disk then you have to reduce the quality to “standard” or “long play” in order for it to fit. If you reduce the quality of the video then the final output will be affected – it simply won’t be as good. It’s as easy as that. So we don’t do it.

When you reduce the quality, the final picture becomes more “grainy” and “blocky”. You need to remember that VHS video tapes are a much older video format and not as good as today’s videos. Any reduction in the final video image will be noticeable.

A four hour video copied to a DL DVD is very poor compared to a high quality transfer over two or more disks. We started to introduce the new Video DL disks in 2015 and customers now get a single disk for one and a half hours and two disks or more as required.

Some companies do offer a Video to DVD service and will supply the video compressed onto one disk. This is usually done by using a recorder that will write directly to the disk. It will automatically reduce the video quality to fit onto the disk. At the same time the video is rarely edited so you get those small “rat tails” appearing as fuzzy white lines at either the top or bottom of the screen.

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